By Seda Röder

Creativity is a very natural part of what it means to be human.

Wait! I think it’s even more than that: Creativity is the essence of human experience! Every human being has an innate desire to create, and the inherent potential to do so.

Let’s get this one fact right: every business is people’s business. Because in the end, it’s not the products nor the business models that are disruptive but the minds behind them. It’s our creativity that drives all innovation, therefore every industry will benefit from it.

Too many organizations separate innovation from creativity. Instead of trying to understand and invest in their inherent creativity, they choose to see only numbers, products and charts. Because creativity is elusive, it’s hard to grasp or manage. Children are creative, grown ups do numbers, right?

Those organizations are stuck — and they know that — because they chose the status quo, the “business-as-usual” and fight every idea that would require a fundamental change in the system. Their “cultural transformation program” becomes hypocritical, their gate keepers suffocate every new flame behind the scenes. An unavoidable culture of indifference takes over, as creativity and innovation become outsourced services. This way, they not only make themselves dependent on outside agencies, but also miss the opportunity to integrate creative energy into their DNA. Such organizations are not appealing because they’re filled with bored people and because they create very little of value as they swirl around their rusty practices.

Even worse, they send a clear signal that they don’t really believe in the potential of their own people.

No matter from which background, no matter in which setting, we all have an inherent urge to transform and to be transformed through our own creativity. Believe me, from the smallest to the biggest member, people have the potential to build things, to change the society and to achieve goals they can be proud of!

So if you are looking for the best motivator — and don’t want to lose talent, remember: People are ready to contribute with their creative power! (And they’ve already waited for too long.)