Our experts will assist you in making disruptive technologies work for your business. We will help you create new opportunities for your company through artificial intelligence, automation, data & analytics, AR/VR/MR, IoT or Blockchain where appropriate.

Case Study

Our Client: A small-sized company, owner and manager of a historic luxury brand.

Problem: Our client is a company with a long tradition and has been in the business of luxury brands for quite some time. However, recent developments in technology and the changes in the market structure and behaviour put our client under pressure and threatened to cause a significant loss in the market share. We were approached with the question of how to revive the brand-awareness and how to utilize new technologies to gain new customers.

What we did: Our client went through a session of our Innovation Self-Assessmentand could easily determine the areas that needed to be reconstructed. Since our client’s product was already top of its class, we concentrated on the distribution, marketing strategy and communication. Through our network of leading technology entrepreneurs, we determined disruptive startups to cooperate with and placed components of the product in new distribution channels using blockchain. Additionally we commissioned a 360 degree experience with a compelling new story using cutting-edge technology. This enabled the brand to reach a wider audience. At the same time we placed the brand in the news, popular online channels as well as in tech-conferences through our media network.

Result: Using blockchain technology in our client’s industry was novel and catapulted our client to the top, as other companies started to follow their lead. The brand perception was instantly modernized through the utilisation of new technologies and through harnessing new marketing possibilities, that enabled media coverage worth over 500K on and offline.