Innovation is driven by creativity. Additionally, making room for employees to use their creative potential has a proven positive impact on ownership. Your employees are your most important brand ambassadors. Therefore, we support transformation projects with leadership and internal community building programs that harness your company’s potential in the most effective way and result in a betterment of the workplace culture as well as in a dramatic increase of innovative output in form of new ideas for services, products and patents.

Case Study

Our Client: A multinational corporation in telecommunications industry.

Problem: Although our client was an established expert in telco industry and AI & cloud-based services, the perception of the company in the European market was one of scepticism and caution. This situation had an influence in sales.  

What we did: Through our assessment tools, we determined the source of the problem, which had its roots rather in the internal culture than in the products sold. There was a great fluctuation in the sales personnel and a misalignment around the brand vision and promise. While creating a clear communication strategy and new incentives for the employees, we also organized internal events and workshops to train the personnel who had customer contact.

Result: Better team alignment, efficient communication, ownership and understanding of the brand vision and promise resulted in an increase in sales by factor four.