Are you a small business owner losing lots of time because of dull and repetitive tasks?

Learn the basics of automation in 90 minutes with our upcoming webinar: 

Timeshift: Our Automation Program for Small Business Owners


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Automation is not only for big corporations. Small business owners can also benefit from automation and save lots of precious time. You don’t have to employ programmers or learn how to code yourself. With the Timeshift Program we will show you how you can easily automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as book-keeping or communication pipelines, and generate more value  for your business. After attending our program, you will be able to set up a system so that you can concentrate on the things that really matter.

Course Outcomes

You will learn how to automate repetitive tasks that eat up your valuable time

You will learn how to automate and personalize communication pipelines to increase revenues

You will learn to automatically create invoices from simple forms and file them in no time for your accountant



The Mindshift Team is a fantastic sparring partner when it comes to understanding the relevance of the newest technologies for business decision-makers. They explain the most complex topics in a very simple and easy way, which allows anyone to take part in technology discussions.

Eva Wimmers

CEO NativeWaves, formerly Chief Procurement Officer at the Deutsche Telekom


Seda Röder (Founder) is an unconventional musician and leadership expert for innovation management and creativity culture. Her background on international music stages as a performer and composer as well as her teaching experience at Ivy League universities such as Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) constitute the foundation of her insights in creativity and innovation. Ms. Röder is an exceptionally eloquent public speaker and builder of communities such as the Sonophilia™ Network; a global think-tank for creative leadership and cross-industry collaboration. At The Mindshift™, she provides leaders with tools to reinvent their innovation process, to utilise their assets effectively and to integrate innovation into their company’s DNA.

Dr. Matthias Röder (Founder) is an expert on intellectual property and technology management with a special interest in uses of artificial intelligence and blockchain in business. He is the CEO of the Karajan Institute as well as a board member of the Karajan Foundation. In 2017, Dr. Röder founded the Karajan Music Tech Conference to explore future opportunities at the intersection of different industries, music and media. Furthermore he co-founded the Sonophilia™ Network for Creative Leadership. He holds a PhD from Harvard University and is an alumnus of the Mozarteum University Salzburg. Moreover, Dr. Röder is a sought-after speaker and a lecturer who has taught at Harvard University, at the Change & Innovation Management Program at University of St. Gall, and Salzburg University.